Debunking the Galloway Smear Campaign: Galloway Supports Sudan’s Genocidal Dictator

I recently received an interesting comment on my last post on the Israel Lobby Striking in Canada. The comment quotes:

But what I hate most of all is hypocrisy. Galloway was recorded defendng the Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir; if you would like to put this clip ‘in context’ for me, I’m all ears.
However it seems to me that Galloway is saying, or at least implying it’s OK for Bashir to kill Muslims and others – I’m certain he has killed more Muslims than Israel. Despite the moral implications of this belief, it is simply pure hypocrisy.

I, just like my friend who wrote the comment, am all ears for differences in opinions. I took this as an opportunity to validate what the commenter had to say, and to judge for myself what Mr. Galloway’s view on the subject is. So here goes….

Thanks so much for the comment. I’m a little more interested in responding to a request of yours regarding that Galloway was recorded defending the Sudanese dictator Omar al-Basir, and attempt to put the clip in context for you. Your assessment is that Galloway is implying it’s OK for Bashir to kill Muslims and others. I find a dab of hypocrisy in that statement as the anti-Galloway movement generally calls him a “Muslim lover”. So I don’t know why he would say it’s okay to kill them. I’m not an expert in the situation of Darfur, but regardless, I would like to try to put that clip in context, as per what I see the clip says.

First..Here is the clip..

From here, I’ll make my notes.

a) Title of clip, primarily, is an attack against Galloway obviously. “Galloway Supports Sudan’s Genocidal Dictator”. My first question is, is al-Bashir actually a dictator? As far as I know, again I’m not an expert in Sudanese affairs, but Sudan has elections and is considered to be an authoritarian democracy. Secondly, the term ‘genocidal’ can be widely argued. The MAJOR player deeming Darfur a genocide is, surprisingly, the US and Israel. Those who are against the US & Israel’s declaration of genocide, besides George Galloway, are:

– The United Nations:

“The Commission concluded that the Government of the Sudan has not pursued a policy of genocide. Arguably, two elements of genocide might be deduced from the gross violations of human rights perpetrated by Government forces and the militias under their control. These two elements are, first, the actus reus consisting of killing, or causing serious bodily or mental harm, or deliberately inflicting conditions of life likely to bring about physical destruction; and, second, on the basis of a subjective standard, the existence of a protected group being targeted by the authors of criminal conduct. However, the crucial element of genocidal intent appears to be missing, at least as far as the central Government authorities are concerned. Generally speaking the policy of attacking, killing and forcibly displacing members of some tribes does not evince a specific intent to annihilate, in whole or in part, a group distinguished on racial, ethnic, national or religious grounds. Rather, it would seem that those who planned and organized attacks on villages pursued the intent to drive the victims from their homes, primarily for purposes of counter-insurgency warfare.

– The 53 African States (including Rwanda by the way) has stated:

“The United States Senate during its 108th Congress declared on 13 July 2004 “that the atrocities unfolding in Darfur, Sudan, are genocide”. Despite this stance retained by the United States, no other country or international organisation has classified the crisis in Darfur, Sudan in the same category.” and “abuses are taking place. There is mass suffering, but it is not genocide.”

– Amnesty International:

“The grave human rights abuses … cannot be ignored any longer, nor justified or excused by a context of armed conflict.”

In summary of this section, regarding this “wonderful” clip on YouTube..Galloway’s position on the term of Genocide is in line with the United Nations, as well as the neighbors of Sudan (the AU), and with Amnesty International. As a note, however, when reading the United Nations description of genocide, I feel Israel and supporters of Palestine/Gaza might want to read those lines a few times.

B) In the video clip, Galloway starts off by saying the following: “This international system thinks the biggest international criminal in the world today is Sudans Omar Al-Bashir. Sudans biggest crime in the international community is having discovered an ocean of oil underneath its earth, and evern worse, agree to sell all of it, every last drop of it, to China.” After Galloways comment, the author of the video states “So, Killing half a million people is not a crime? This is all made up by the West?” As my facts in section A state, actually, yes, it is made up by the West. It’s only the West deeming this Genocide. Furthermore, in Galloway’s statement, he says nothing of saying its “OK” for all of these dead innocent people. He is essentially saying that it is a joke that the international community thinks Omar al-Bashir is the biggest international criminal. Of course, he is referring to Bush, Blair, Olmert, Barak, etc, as the words biggest international criminals seeing that the “West” has killed many more innocent civilians in the Middle-East than al-Bashir has done in Sudan. In that way, he is essentially saying it is a joke, and the “West” has motives more than innocent lives, and more to do with oil. In this line, I’d agree with him.

C) Galloway later states: “This warrant that’s been issued by the ICC is absurd”. The author responds: “Half a million people were murdered, millions more are starved and displaced, and it’s absurd to try to stop the man responsible?”

Again, Galloway is referring to the absurdity of claiming al-Bashir is the biggest criminal in the World. What is even more absurd is that the ICC has no jurisdiction in Sudan. Even more absurd, is that the US doesn’t even recognize the ICC!!! Even more absurd? What’s even more absurd is that Israel, also, doesn’t recognize the ICC due to the ruling that “the transfer of parts of the civilian population of an occupying power into occupied territory” is a war crime, and Israel is afraid that the ICC could “invent new crimes”. So, considering the ICC has no jurisdiction in Sudan, considering the US and Israel have no intention of acceding to the Rome Statue of the International Criminal Court, considering the US and Israel are the first (and pretty much only) World players calling the situation in Darfur ‘genocide’, yet the rest of the World does not…Yes, I think it’s all quite absurd too. Don’t you?

D) Galloway then goes on to state:
“They are definately trying to destabilize, and i believe, dismember Sudan. They don’t want Sudan to be an Arab and African country with great power and wealth”

“But Sudan has an Arab government, an islamic government, and its agreed to sell all of its oil to china. and thats the source of sudans problems, and this absurd charge of the ICC towards Al-Bashir is the result of that.”

As most of the information above states, it is quite an absurd charge. Of course, us in the West have no idea of this. Our media says nothing over the contention of the term ‘genocide’. It’s not considered that the US accused Sudan (in the 90’s) of assisting al-queda, and sent cruise missiles their way. It’s not considered that the US & Israel are not memeber of the ICC. Yet, the media can create ‘sides’.

I know when I first heard about the ICC ruling, and then noticed Iran supporting al-Bashir, I thought “WTF?”. Then, when you look at it a little more closely, it’s kind of like the rest of the World is looking at us and thinking “WTF?”

Here is a little, less biased clip, on Galloway speaking on Sudan:

Israeli Lobby Strikes Canada

Just weeks after National Intelligence chair nominee Chas Freeman stepped down from the post, citing the “barrage of libellous distortions” of the Israeli Lobby, it appears the lobbies influence is flexing it’s muscle in Canada, by issuing threats to Canadian peace groups and activists who assist British MP George Galloway.

Canada’s security officials recently deemed British MP George Galloway as a potential security risk due to his anti-war views. The officials also cited his contribution of humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza as an illegal act. Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney has the authority to override the decision made by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, but he said Friday that he won’t intervene.

What prompted Minister Kenney’s decision to now allow Galloway in to Canada, it appears, was due to an open letter by the Jewish Defence League of Canada (JDL). JDL Canada National Director Meir Weinstein, in his letter to Minister Kenney, described Galloway as a “proxie of Iran”, made references to neo-nazis, and asked that Canada ensure it does everything to “keep this hater out of Canada”, and also included a number of out-of-context video clips.

The idea that Minister Kenney’s decision was ultimately influenced by the JDL and Meir Weinstein may not seem entirely unappropriate. After all, the JDL has, as one of it’s core principals “the need to both move to help Jews everywhere and to change the Jewish image through sacrifice and all necessary means”. However, the JDL also goes on to state that those necessary means include ”strength, force and even violence as a last resort.”

Meir Weinstein, a proxie of Israel, and previous member of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), has raised eyebrows in Canada over his ability to persuade Minister Kenney to ban MP George Galloway. Furthermore, after the JDL and Weinstein sued the Canadian Arab League for libel, Minister Kenney followed suit by setting a review to slash public funding to the Canadian Arab Federation.

A note that Minister Kenney has perhaps failed to notice as of late, but is certainly gaining attention, was the thwarting of a planned terrorist attack four months after 9/11 by the JDL. The FBI explains:

On December 11, 2001, Irving David Rubin and Earl Leslie Krugel were arrested by the Los Angeles Joint Terrorism Task Force for conspiring to build and place improvised explosive devices (IEDs) at the King Fahd Mosque in Culver City, California, and the local office of Congressman Darrell Issa. Rubin and Krugel were subsequently charged with conspiracy to destroy a building by means of an explosive, as well as possession of a destructive device during and in relation to a crime of violence. Rubin and Krugel were active members of the Jewish Defense League (JDL), a violent extremist Jewish organization. Statements by Rubin and Krugel indicated that they had planned the attack against the mosque to demonstrate the militancy of the JDL. Krugel further indicated that the attack was planned to provide a “wake up call” to the Muslim community. It was determined that Rubin and Krugel had already acquired the necessary components to build an IED, including pipes, fuses, and smokeless powder.

The fact that Minister Kenney perhaps missed, is that the JDL has been responsible for numerous bombings, assasinations, beatings, and intimidation since 1968, and were described in 1986 as “one of the most active terrorist groups in the United States”. Granted, after the JDL’s failed terrorist attack in 2001, the group went in to hiding only to re-emerge years later. The JDL is currently active again the the United States, recently holding a gun class for it’s members.

Meir Weinstein, of the Canadian chapter, has attempted to distance himself from the JDL in the US, and it’s past of terrorism. However, the terrorism does not end there. Weinstein, when asked if the JDL in Toronto adheres to the original ideology of Rabbi Kahane, states in a 2008 interview with the Jewish Press that he “will always be a loyal disciple of Rabbi Kahane. Our ideology is based on the Jewish Idea as taught by Rabbi Kahane.”

The question that then needs to be asked is, who is Rabbi Kahane? Rabbi Kahane was one of the original founders of the JDL in 1968, as well as a founder for a group name KACH, an Israeli political party. Meir Weinstein served as the Canadian spokesperson for KACH in 1994. KACH, however, was later listed (and is still listed) as a Terrorist organization, and therefor banned, by Canada, the United States, and Israel.

Meir Weinstein, and the JDL’s, influence in Canada is starting to emerge. What becomes even more frightening was Weinstein’s threats to Canadian peace groups, organizations, and individuals who are assisting (or will assist) MP George Galloway in entering Canada and speaking in four Canadian cities. Weinstein, while being interviewed by UK’s Channel 4 News and speaking with Mr. Galloway, states that any Canadian citizen that assisted Galloway in speaking this month, or attempts to help him speak outside of Canada, will “be looked in to regarding their ties to terror groups”, and further went on to warn that the JDL will flex it’s influence again by seeing to it “that the Canadian Government will be monitoring every individual and organization that has anything to do with George Galloway “.

More than 50 organizations including the Council of Canadians, Canadian Civil Liberties Union, Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, anti-war coalitions in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal, several large labour unions and many community organizations are all potentially under investigation, or will be under investigation, if Meir Weinstein’s influence is true to his words. Minister Kenney, to date, has shown his willingness to support Mr. Weinstein, and Canada’s security services has followed suit.

Mr. Galloway is scheduled to begin his Canadian tour starting 30-March-09. Public pressure is beginning to mount on the Conservative government as there are a number of petitions to help push the government and Minister Kenney to allowing Galloway in to the country.

On the house, watch some Galloway videos that show what this guy is REALLY about, and what you DON’T hear from the mass media:

It’s easy to find a ton of smear videos, including those that the JDL has sent in their open letter of hate. They compare Galloway to Hitler, they edit the videos completely out of context, and they also create edits that are completely biased. When you see these videos, look around for the FULL clip.

Jewish Defence League rallies Government to investigate Canadian peace groups

Jewish Defence League of Canada director Meir Weinstein, said today that any Canadian organization or individual that invited George Galloway to speak in Canada later this month, would be looked in to regarding their ties to terror groups.

“We want to make sure that the hate the Hamas organization teaches, will not reach children in Canada” Weinstein said during an interview with Channel 4 News in the UK. Mr. Weinsten, speaking from CBC Headquarters in Toronto, said that if Galloway attempts to speak in Canada via any other means, the JDL will “see to it that the Canadian Government will be monitoring every individual and organization that has anything to do with George Galloway”.

Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, the Toronto Coalition To Stop The War, the Ottawa Peace Assembly, and the Canadian Peace Alliance are all organizers of the events starting March 30. Events are to be hosted by Concordia University, the Metropolitan United Church, and the Bronson Center. All, according to Weinsten, could be monitored, or examined for ties to terror groups.

Mr. Galloway has been democratically elected 5 times in the UK and speaks in Canada every year in all major cities. After an open letter from the Jewish Defence League, Galloway has has since been banned to enter Canada due to security concerns. The only way he can enter Canada, is from a special permit from Minister Jason Kenney. Kenney has said he will not allowing this to happen.

Mr. Galloway’s Canada tour is over three days with the lecture titled “Resisting War from Gaza to Kandahar”.

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